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Glasthomebury Festival 2020

Glasthomebury Festival 2020 Live

Let’s have a festival at home whilst we’re all stuck in lockdown!
Join the socially-distanced, at-home, lockdown festival raising money for Mind, NHS Charities Together, the NSPCC, Refuge and the Trussell Trust, the first ever camp-at-home music festival – get your tents out!

Glasthomebury is independent, unofficial and in no way affiliated to Glastonbury Festival.

Set up your tent at home, watch the Glasto Official 50th birthday celebration on the BBC over the weekend of 26-28th June, raise money for those suffering because of lockdown and have fun! We will create a Glastonbury festival fan community online to lift our spirits during this tough time.

Glastonbury Festival got in touch to say they’re really happy to see so many people getting behind this idea. They would love us to be the online fan community supporting them, camping out at home watching the festival on TV from our tents – we can all sit back and watch as Glasto Official take over with the best moments from the last 50 years!

The coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown has affected many people, but we can raise some money for those who are suffering the most due to the pandemic in the UK. Glasthomebury followers chose to raise money for Mind, NHS Charities Together, the NSPCC (including Childline), Refuge and the Trussell Trust. The money raised will be split equally between the charities to support a variety of projects in the UK so they can continue to provide frontline, essential support to people who need it through this crisis.

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